Sunday, May 13, 2007


Oh ok, maybe not as dramatic as the title suggests but yesterday was a enlightening day nonetheless.
Attended HYR's talk on songwriting conducted at Open Stage @ space at the Youth Centre and found it entertaining and interesting. Sure, most of the information shared by HYR wasn't new to me but what I was more interested about was his approach to songwriting which, as an aspring Chinese music songwriter, I would do well to learn a trick or two from the master that HYR obviously is.
After HYR wrapped up, HYR and his Funkie Monkies buddies performed some songs. Ngak sang three songs - his own "Queen of Hearts" - is simply one of the best Singaporean songs I have ever heard. Blew me away and I told Ngak so - he should really be performing more of his own music at Timbre or wherever he performs. I have never had any hang-up about doing my own songs and why should any talented artiste (sound of clearing throat) feel any other way?
Next up came Jia Hui, a young singer-songwriter from Malaysia, and he performed a truly wonderful song that reminded me of the sophisticated indie pop of Tahiti 80. Yes, that good!
Later, HYR would play me more of the songs he had written and believe me, it removed all the misconceptions I've ever had about Chinese music and gave me a different persective about the kind of songs I should be writing in order to break into the Chinese music market. Yes the bar has been set high but I believe that that will only wring out more good music out of yours truly.
I am truly excited by the possibilities...

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