Wednesday, May 09, 2007


For what seems like the longest time, I’ve wanted to break into the Mandopop/Cantopop markets as a songwriter – or what HYR eloquently describes as the “Cheena” music market. I signed up with Touch Publishing with the late Ng Guan Seng for that exact purpose but for some reason it never worked out – probably my stubbornness of refusing to write songs specifically for the market, insisting that he convert my existing English songs.
Then, One Leg Kicking came along and there was even a Cheena version of My One & Only (with Mandarin lyrics by someone Murmur Music arranged – sorry but I really don’t know who it was – and sung by Sharon Au) that didn’t do anything. My feeling was that if my most commercial song didn’t stand a chance then might as well give up.
But meeting HYR has of course, changed my thinking.
I asked HYR how I would go about presenting a new song to a Chinese lyricist and he gave me a few tips. But key to him was “commercial potential” – the hooks etc.
I mean, the man should know right?
… I’ve written a few that may be right but as I got a little nervy about sending HYR just any old crap and ruining my cred, I thought I better re-look at those tunes, fine tune and buff them up for the big audition… will keep you all posted of the outcome.
Is this what American Idol feels like…?

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