Monday, May 07, 2007


Some years back, I was asked to contribute to a book on the local (as in Singaporean) indie music scene. My segment was called "The Long and Winding Road" which seemed to adequately describe my experience as a musician in Singapore. Also, the song has always been one of fave Beatles/Macca tracks. And yes, it's the Phil Spector-produced one that I dig and not the silly "Naked" thing that Macca did later. Although I might add that the live version on Wings Over America was rather cool.
But I digress...
Anyhow, the book was a flop which says more about the non-existent indie music scene then it does about the relative merits of the book.
In any case, here I am fresh from a eye-opening trip to New York - where I performed at the Singapore Day event at Wollman Rink in Central Park (for more details, please visit - and I am raring to make a bit of a go at the good old music making again.
Sure, I'm 46 years old, with graying hair, wrinkled, a demanding day job as a lawyer and a little out of the limelight for a while (how's a decade sound to you?!) but nothing is impossible, right, if you believe, right?
So, if you wanna come along for the ride as I begin yet another journey down that long and winding road, make sure you bookmark this blog and come visit me regularly because I intend to blog as much as I bloody well can. While I can...
Still there's more.

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