Saturday, May 19, 2007


I didn’t mention this earlier but last Saturday at the Open Stage event, one of the bands performing was called Allura. Now, when they lined up on stage – they looked very much your usual indie boys but then Inch walked on…
Now, Inch is a very young singer (18!) who more than compensates for her erm petite build with a BIG GIGANTIC HUMONGOUS voice! The music was emo, I guess, which while competent and tight (thanks mostly to the drummer, Han) paled next to the brilliance of Inch. She was definitely the focus and highlight of that show.
At the back of my mind, I was wondering about how she would sound outside of the emo context – as I am of course looking around for good girl singers now.
Lo and behold, Inch turned up at Timbre last night (always something happening) and as poor Ngak was suffering badly from a high fever, I suggested to HYR to let Inch sing a couple of songs, with the ulterior motive of “auditioning” her.
She did and she was great! Rough and nervous of course – all impromptu – but the potential is immense. I can hear her sing Never Liked the Beatles already…
So you can check out Allura over at and please tell them KM sent you…
So much more….

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