Saturday, May 12, 2007


He's probably going to say "your head ah!" to these comments but HYR is my guitar hero. In no way belittling the fabulous contribution of Ngak, Clement and Syed, HYR was the core of Timmy last night during their fab three sets at Timbre.
HYR did everything right - I don't mean he didn't hit any bum notes (he did) - but his guitar work was always perfect for the song and that to me is a guitar hero. Jumping from genre to genre from 70s classic rock to 90s Britpop to modern day Jonny Greenwood doodling, HYR showed his true range.
Wow! Coolness!
Timmy is a great band and Friday night at Timbre is compulsory for any and all modern rock lovers...
...and there may be more to come from Timmy and your humble writer in the immediate future...

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