Monday, May 28, 2007


On Saturday, I headed down to the Arts House, at the kind invitation of Famie to catch the Pinholes. Some of you might know that the Arts House is the former Parliament House, now converted to a centre for arts and music.
Saturday afternoon was an extremely humid one and I arrived at the Playden, paid my 8 bucks, took a seat and fell asleep! No disrespect to Destroy All Monsters who were sound checking but the aircon comfort was hard to resist.
The venue was pleasant enough but seemed unsuitable for a rock gig. There were seats on the perimeter of the room but mostly people were expected to sit on the floor. I mean, with the bands on the same level as the audience, if everyone stands, many would not be able to see the bands.
Anyway, first band up were Destroy All Monsters (, a trio consisting of vocals, bass and drums – drum and bass was how the singer Andz described it to me later – which seemed limiting but I found it actually worked. Rather inventive, the band’s sound encapsulated hardcore punk and classic 70s rock. Intriguing.
But of course, I came for the Pinholes and though the boys seemed a little ragged and lacking their trademark madcap energy, there was no denying the power of the songs. The tunes always put a smile on my face, retro-futurist is how I would choose to call it. And most of all, loads of fun… Haffiz did his best to work up the crowd but even though I’m everyone at the Playden was thoroughly entertained, most looked comatose!
Before I knew the set was over and feeling rather tired, I left as well…
… Remember to catch the Pinholes the next time they’re playing… a splendid time is guranateed for all …

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