Wednesday, May 16, 2007


All right, it has been a little quiet on the music front in the last few days. Work has been taking its toll I suppose BUT I have been diligently listening to some Cheena music (courtesy of HYR) and writing a couple of new songs that – hopefully – will be suitable for the Cheena market (jury is out at the moment).
Guess I’ll use this little lull to take stock a little and share some insight into where my head is at circa May 2007.
Some of you may be aware that since the release of Popland’s last album – Action! – in the USA in 2002, I have not been doing much music wise. Coupled with the fact that I had commenced a new job about the same time and the “indie” music scene was more or less comatose, seem to justify a retirement from music.
In early 2004, my job situation changed dramatically and I found myself seriously thinking about music as a full time vocation.
Enter Ric, with his help I managed to get a couple of TVC scoring which was great money but far and few in between. Didn’t seem to be happening.
In mid-2004, started another new job – more time consuming and demanding – yes, a practicing lawyer (I am still practicing – still not that good at it yet, though) – and music again took a severe backseat.
Come 2005, and Ric approached me to write music for Be With Me, and it was an amazing & rewarding experience, which is still bearing fruit (financially) today. I had decided also to complete a third Popland album with Tim and so there was a time when Popland was looking for new drummer, keyboard player and guitarist with limited success.
Gigs were almost impossible to come by even though by all accounts the scene in 2006 was undergoing a mini-boom. Then, out of the blue, Popland were invited to play in KL by Encik Aidil (of Couple) and we enjoyed ourselves sometime in late December 2006 – no money but loads of fun. Typical of indie music! It was frustrating but deep inside my heart, I still felt that there was more that I could do with my music but need a firm direction.
Then came the fateful SMS from Ric in February 2007 – “would you like to perform in New York?” or something like that…
… the rest is history… heh!
For me personally, anyways, my mindset has been totally turned around. Instead of thinking of releasing an album that NOBODY will be interested in listening to and seeking to perform in the “indie” scene where NOBODY will be interested at all, I have set my sights on the Cheena music market and the “mainstream” music scene and letting go completely of the “indie” scene which also includes … Popland.
And there you have it… still there’s more…

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