Friday, June 08, 2007


If you love live music, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover the many opportunities to hear great local live music every weekend. Of course you need to look in all the right places.
This Friday, I will be giving Timbre a miss. Too crowded. Sorry, guys but I’m not really the queuing type…
… and also because I think as Saturday is gonna be a packed day of live music, I need to conserve my energy first… yeah, sue me if that sounds “old”.
Basically, for me, Saturday consists of two main events.
First, we have Rock the Sub, where a slew of local indie bands will perform at Substation theatre and Timbre from 2pm to 3am. Yes, really… personally, I am looking out for ETC and the Pinholes and of course, checking out the rest. Please say hi if you see me. I am the one with the grey hair!
Second, we have openstage at the Youth Centre featuring the Funkie Munkies folk, Jack and Rai (from EIC) and two young local bands. Still undecided whether to attend… may do so in-between the Rock the Sub event. We’ll see…
… reviews to come at PoP Blog.

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