Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Yes, unfortunately, due to other commitments, I missed last Saturday’s Rock for Wayne concert at the Glass Pavilion, Far East Square. However, by all accounts and listening to what GSE, HYR and Brandon Khoo had to say about the gig – it seems like it was a memorable occasion and a high water mark in the local music scene.
With more than an thousand attendees, enthusiastic moshers and an impending DVD to come, the only black spot on the success of this event was that – in the words of HYR – someone had to die to bring the Singapore indie scene together.
Sad but so true.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Singapore Music Scene belongs to every music fan living in Singapore. It will only be vibrant and exciting if we support the bands and the gigs… talk is cheap. For the bands, it’s all about working hard to make sure you have something unique, something different to say, to express to the world out there.
From what I’ve read and heard, Wayne Thunder believed in the Singapore Music Scene and he put this belief into action in his brief time on earth. The best way the Singapore Music Scene can honour his memory is to make sure that the scene explodes in the years to come so that one day, Singapore music fans will come from Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, UK and even the USA…
… it’s all in our hands.

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