Saturday, June 02, 2007


As usual, found myself (with the missus) at Timbre to catch Timmy. Man, the queue was really long and it took me 45 mins to get a table. A measure of Timbre's success, I'm glad to report.
Fortunately, Ian was on hand to keep me company whilst I waited. You the man, Ian!
It was good to see Ngak performing again, after the enforced absence.
We had to leave early as the missus needed to pack for her RAV4 road trip, which leaves me with time on my hands this weekend.
The good news is that I've managed to get on the guest list of the Copeland gig on Sunday, 3rd June 2007. Here's how I did it...
Some of you are aware that I am a freelance music writer and one of the magazines I write for is Amplifier. So I've recently received the new Chase Pagan disc to review and Chase is on the Militia Group label, and isn't Copeland also on TMG?
Now, I got in touch with Paul G. Maziar and Lindsay Strannigan of TMG, hoping to get a press pass for the gig. Paul and Lindsay informed me that Copeland was no longer with TMG but had been signed by Columbia! But ... they would put me through to Kyle Griner, their manager and incredibly, Kyle told me this morning that he'd put me on the guest list. Wow, praise God! Thanks so much to Kyle, Paul and Lindsay...
I am so looking forward to this gig as Copeland is a band with an eclectic pop-rock approach.
See you there. More info here.

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