Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hyperbole be damned!
It's one thing to praise bands that you're friends with - it's another to discover a shit hot band that you're delighted to find, subsequently, are cool human beings as well - and then give them the props they so richly deserve.
Last night, at Timbre, the Great Spy Experiment treated the largely clueless audience to an exercise of music myth-making. Perhaps only a handful of us fully grasped that we were witnessing a performance by THE MOST IMPORTANT BAND IN SINGAPORE in 2007.
And it wasn't the tone-perfect playing or the high energy levels or even the kind of music presented - it was all down to synergy. The best music makers learn how to bring together a myriad of influences and genres to create a unique sound and GSE have that quality in spades.
In the course of their wondrous set, I detected influences from Pink Floyd (circa Syd Barret), the Knack, Echo & the Bunnymen, the House of Love, Oasis all filtered through the collective consciousnesses of Saiful, Song, Fandy, Khai and Mag, whether they knew it or not.
And the songs... from the fragile beauty of Late Night Request to the crowd pleasing stomping Class 'A' Love Affair, GSE is able to anchor atmospheric shoegazing dynamics with earthy rock 'n' roll that sends chills down spines whilst moving feet.
Which probably is why I was mystified as to how most of the folks at Timbre could remain stoic in their seats... whatever... there is little doubt in my mind that the upcoming album promises to be an essential item not merely for indie rock fans but for every rock fan out there. Sure, the Singapore music scene can be an unforgiving bitch but GSE has the potential to outstrip every Singapore rock band before them and throw down the gauntlet in this region and beyond for rock music made in Singapore. Yes, there is a sense that this is a zeitgeist-defining epoch in the history of Singapore rock, such as it is, and I believe that GSE is at the very forefront...

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