Friday, June 01, 2007


I have resolved to only review albums that have been sent to me either by the band or the label in question (or maybe the publicists - hi to all the great people at Fanatic!). However, I just have to say a couple of good words about Voxtrot so here it is.
Voxtrot hail from Texas, though their lead singer Ramesh is of Indian descent (check out his blog I first heard of Voxtrot at the venerated indie rock mag Big Takeover ( and managed to download one of their singles at and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Like their peers, Voxtrot has a definite 80s Britpop vibe about them - the Smiths, the Cure, the Wedding Present, the Housemartins - and features a sophisticated, literate sonic approach that sets them apart from the new wave revival clones out there.
Well, Voxtrot's eponymous has finally been released and it comes highly recommended - energetic, passionate, melancholy and blue, Voxtrot is a triumph of heady strings, edgy guitars and other-worldly attitudes. You can find Voxtrot at
Oh and I've updated the Power of Pop with reviews of Brad Brooks' Spill Collateral Love and the Ferns' On Botany.
By the way, Ferns will be performing at the Arts House, Earshot from 5pm tomorrow, Saturday 2nd June 2007.
Guess I'll see you there...

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