Wednesday, June 13, 2007


There is a sense that Singapore bands have it real good in 2007, there are so many opportunities to perform and maybe the bands have it too easy that they become a little sloppy and complacent. Maybe some of them may even forget it’s about passion, touching lives and yes, entertainment – nobody watches you perform so that you can get off posing… and no one has a divine right to be appreciated just because you step up on a stage and play. Having being “involved” in the Singapore music scene for more than 10 years, it’s not enough to play an instrument and write your own songs – you must be able to justify your existence as an artist. There must be something distinctive about you, something special and you must have something to communicate. Cos if you don’t connect with your audience then its masturbation, nothing else.
That said, in the next two weeks, there are a couple of major gigs that will continue to test and challenge the indie rock scene here, both performers and audience. Is the scene merely incestuous composed of wannabes, hanger-ons and friends or is there something worthy genuinely happening here?
In terms of importance, we have the Rock for Wayne concert on Saturday, 23 June 2007 at the Glass Pavilion, Far East Square commencing from 3pm. Originally, called Rock for Good, it has become a tribute gig for the late Wayne Thunder, who epitomized all that was great about the local indie scene. The line-up is a veritable who’s who of the Singaporean rock scene viz. The Great Spy Experiment, Electrico (both appeared at the recent SXSW festival in the USA), a reunion of the legendary Humpback Oak, Force Vomit and Astroninja All-Stars, a supergroup of sorts. I understand that the proceeds of the gig will go to Wayne’s family, so there’s gonna be great music for a good cause, there’s really no reason not to be there. More info at Gila Rock.
The Great Spy Experiment will also be playing at Timbre on the same night – alternating with Timmy – from 10.15pm onwards. Not to be missed, either.
In the meantime, here are some events worth checking out –

Something REALLY good! 15th June 2007 (Friday) 5pm – Late *Scape @ Youth Park.featuring Silence Of Gabrielle (5 20pm), Trella (6pm), Giants Must Fall(6 50pm), Allura (7 30pm), Vertical Rush (8 20pm), Caracal (9 10pm) & A Vacant Affair (10pm).

CAVEvents presents: Crush! @ Top 5 Disco! 16th June 2007 (Saturday), featuring Allura, The Fire Fight, Deputy Siren, Cardinal Avenue, Plushfools & Armchair Critic! Presale: SGD$14 Door Charge: SGD$16

Loads of so-called “lesser lights” and apart from Allura and the Fire Fight, unknown quantities to me so attendance is up in the air…

… still there’s more…

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