Friday, June 29, 2007


It was 1992. BigO magazine offered some hint of recognition for local musicians in the form of reviews of 'demo' cassette albums. I had by that time 'released' two demo cassette albums of songs recorded a few years ago viz. Who Watches the Watchmen and Industry & Commerce. I wanted to record a 'political' album - not exactly sure why - but Mun, my cousin-in-law (who's now living in Sydney) offered to record it for me in his spare time (he was undergoing NS at the time). So I recorded the songs on acoustic guitar, Mun recorded the backing tracks and voila! This Savage Garden was taken from Anne Rice's Vampire novels (this was before the Aussie band, mind!) and represented the jungle of a world that was out there.
I'm pretty proud of these songs - if not the recordings which were extremely lo-fi - and would probably perform a couple of them live when the Groovy People are up and about.
I have managed to digitize at least two songs - Fast Forward and Lament - please email me if you're interested, on condition that you comment on them on this blog - positive, negative views all welcome...

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