Monday, June 25, 2007


Covers band.
These words used to induce nausea and images of cheesy imported Filipino bands come straight to mind.
(No offence intended but the Singapore music scene was very much dominated by Filipino bands in the 80s and 90s)
Now, Timmy is a covers band, make no mistake and I have to thank Ngak, HYR, Syed and Clement for changing my opinion about covers band. I make no bones about it – Timmy is one tight outfit! Check out their version of Radiohead’s Paranoid Android – it’s really dynamic, visceral & passionate (maybe the next best thing to watching Thom Yorke and co) – and you begin to wonder why doesn’t Timmy perform any original material whatsoever?
Not that I haven’t made it a point to nag Ngak about this every chance I get but he has his reasons and I respect them, really I do, but at the back of my mind I’m thinking that a crack band like Timmy should be playing originals…
On Friday, before playing another white-hot Paranoid Android, Ngak remarked that the song was going out to the music lovers in the audience and was not the usual commercial shit … they usually played (?).
I guess that’s what Timmy is about – giving people what they want – and doing a bang up job at that as well. Why not?
I know for a fact that the Timbre management does not insist on an all-covers policy so don’t blame Danny or Edward. In the final analysis, does it matter?
I realize that for Ngak and HYR, the Cheena market is where the artistic effort of creating original material has the greatest opportunity (for now) to reap financial rewards (hey, I understand that perfectly – I’m hoping to do the same thing) but I honestly believe that if Timmy can also start to play a few originals, these songs may be as popular (and as requested) as say, Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars (ugh)…
… it has to start somewhere…

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