Friday, June 15, 2007


It’s almost two months since I got back from NYC. Apart from a couple of cameo performances at Timbre (mainly) and Wala Wala, I’ve haven’t done anything on the live music circuit. Having now disbanded Popland, I’m also trying to figure out how to approach this whole deal of performing live again.
I mean, I could go it alone like in the old Watchmen days – just me and my axe. Which is fine but can be terribly limiting as well. Or perhaps as a duo with another guitarist to embellish the songs. Or maybe even full band i.e. drums, keyboards, lead guitar, bass and female singer, yes, like the band at New York.
But the question is – who do I get to play? Or more likely, who would want to play for/with me? It’s not easy to find likeminded musicians who would, in this case, not go under a band name (sick of trying to establish another “brand”) but essentially back “Kevin Mathews”. An aside – was toying with the idea of calling the band “Wochmun” – as in “Kevin Mathews & Wochmun” – geddit?!!!
So, if any one out there (and there’s at least ten of you visiting each day) has any ideas on how I should proceed… please, please leave a comment. Thanks in advance…
… might be at Timbre to watch Timmy tonight… again, depends if I can find any kaki to come along…

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