Friday, July 20, 2007


I arrived at Home Club at about 9 plus as the missus dropped me off and went to spend time with her cousin before she returned to Canada.

First to greet me was Fahmie and Mojo (from the Pinholes) and we had a little chat. Finally met Razi, the organizer of the event and he was apologizing profusely for the lack of a crowd.

No sweat, I told him, I understand how things work in the local scene and it was a Thursday night after all.

By 10 plus, the John Lennon documentary had started so I went in to watch when Inch arrived and it was great to see her. Then Joan came with her photographer friend (whose name escapes me - so sorry!) Later her parents and also a friend turned up. Thanks for making the effort people!

Then it was time for the performances as Fahmie and a friend went on stage to perform a couple of songs. Unfortunately, Fahmie looked like he was struggling, especially with the beats being produced by the keyboard so it was messy though there was no doubting that Fahmie's heart was in it. Poor guy, he looked so disappointed in the end. Don't worry, Fahmie... I thought it was ... interesting.

Next up was Bang (from Ronin) and though he was nervous at times, I think he did a good job especially with his original song, which was heartfelt. All he needs is a little more performing time and confidence and he will be fine. More Bang for your buck, indeed!

It seemed that in a flash, I had finished my set - all six songs. I think my voice held up well considering the punishment it has been through in the last week or so but when I was done, man, it hurt like hell! Still it was great to perform again - last time was NY (not counting all the impromptus) and it was heart-warming to feed off the positive vibes of the kids - all of which were very encouraging. Thanks to all of you!
1. (Just Like) Starting Over
2. Never Liked John Lennon
3. Jealous Guy
4. Keep the Faith
5. Instant Karma
6. Gum

What did I get out of last night? Besides meeting great guys like Fahmie, Haffiz, Mojo, Bang and of course, Razi - I think I had a good feeling about the Singapore music scene, one I've not felt for the longest time. So until I can piece a band together, this may be the next best thing.

Thanks also to Inch for the photos and the good company. You rock, girl!

... still there's more ...

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