Sunday, July 15, 2007


So over the last two nights, West Grand Boulevard and the Great Spy Experiment brought Singaporean rock to the shopping malls or to be more specific, Cineleisure.
In the first instance, I hadn't planned to be hopping and bopping to WGB on Saturday night but for some strange reason, the Open Stage @ *scape finished at 5.15pm (!) and I really didn't know what else I could do...
Thank goodness for Inch and Han Quan, who spent time with yours truly for the next couple of hours before WGB hit the stage.
But just before that we were all treated to some audacious break-dancing (is that what it's still called?) which I found rather impressive, but what do I know?
First time I caught WGB (at Timbre) I was a little non-plussed. I felt it was all furious sound which signified nothing... but now I am finding their kinetic and muscular brand of post-hardcore punk rock rather exhilirating. And they're great to watch...almost like a modern-day Shadows, their seemingly co-ordinated stage moves being uplifting and exciting... also I understand that HYR himself is producing WGB's debut album... I'll be waiting for that expectantly.
On Sunday, I returned to the scene of the crime (with the missus in tow) whereupon the Great Spy Experiment would entertain with their stellar material... sadly, being a Sunday night, the paltry crowd did little justice to the sheer quality of the songs and the performance but as the band was playing for me (Song's words not mine) - I sure wasn't complaining! What was crucial was that the missus appreciated all that I have been talking to her about GSE all these months - so, another GSE fan - much more to come...
... and what was the event that both WGB and GSE were endorsing? Now, that would be telling, wouldn't it?

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