Sunday, July 22, 2007


The last time I caught Couple was actually in December in KL, when Aidil had invited Popland to perform at the Havana Club and it was a gas.
With dark clouds assembling above, Couple - Aidil, Ariana, Ojooe and Shahrin - launched into their punchy, tuneful set with gusto. Since the last time, it appears that Ariana and Ojooe have brushed up on their backing vocals skills and provided excellent support to Aidil's lead.

Couple is a true rarity in the Malaysian-Singapore music scene - a pure powerpop band channeling the Beatles and the Beach Boys without a tinge of angst and nary a riff shot off in anger.

The band had intended to play one set of existing songs and another consisting of new songs - alas, they never got to, because unfavourable weather conditions meant that the second set was cancelled.

Major bummer.

However, with a good cross section of the Singapore music scenesters present - Pat Chng, Ben Harrison, Joe Ng, Fahmie & Mojo, Ivan Thomas - we had a good time chatting before heading off into the night...

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