Saturday, July 21, 2007


After the last two weeks of chronic nasal drip, today is the first day I have felt healthier in some time. Praise God!
I did meet up with the boys from King Kong Jane in the morning and it was interesting and fun talking to them. I believe if they take their music seriously, so will the Singapore music scene. The potential is obviously there…
Other than a long overdue haircut – even the barber quipped that I was costing him business! – I stayed at home and listened to music, watched some Asian football on the telly (is Oz now an Asian country?) and searched for more Singapore bands at myspace.
Believe me, there are many many Singapore bands at myspace. I’m sure, if you surfed diligently enough, you’d find someone to love.
Which got me thinking… would be interesting to put together a compilation of Singapore rock circa 2007 and get it distributed in USA, UK, Japan & Australia through my many label contacts. Need to talk to a few people to see if it’s doable at all…still there’s more…

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