Monday, July 30, 2007


One hook is all anyone needs to explore and expand on an interest in an artist. Could be a tune, vocals or even good looks, whatever it takes.
Indus Gendi has been described by my good buddy Beni as three guys from her band and two others... hurhur...
Anyways, last night's set at Cineleisure, one song really stood out for me and that was Then and Now. To these ears, it had a cool early 80s vibe - Style Council, Everything But the Girl - filtered through early 90s modern rock instrumentation - Jeff Buckley, Radiohead - and features a wondrous old-school guitar solo from James... you can catch Then and Now at Indus Gendi's myspace site. Suffice to say, I'm pretty besotted with it!
Probably need a few more listens to the other songs to truly appreciate but for now, repeated plays of Then and Now at the band's myspace page will do me nicely... a band to watch.

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