Thursday, July 26, 2007


After the letdown of the Powerjam '07, Allura bounced back to deliver a dynamic three-song set closing the launch of Noise Singapore 2007 at the Heeren Shops with aplomb.
With Inch as the focal point, the band balanced intricate arrangements, layered nuances and plain old fashioned rock backbeat to thrill the enthusiastic audience.
After the grotesque acoustics of Zouk, it was really totally enjoyable to be able to hear semblance of initegrated sound and I believe that for me personally, I was beginning to 'get' Allura as a unit. Sure, initially, it was mainly about Inch, but I'm starting to appreciate how good the group looks up on the stage. Sure, the boys may not be carrying out coordinated leaps ala West Grand Boulevard but Mark, Matt and Aaron came across like a solid block of sound whilst Han Quan steady drumming pushed the entire band through like a juggernaut.
Limbo and Closure built up the tempo gradually and a monstrous Ladeda was the big payoff.
Inch was of course, magical. Twisting and turning, it was almost impossible not to keep your eyes on her and her vocal performance on Closure was spine-tingling. When Inch hits those high notes, it's a memorable moment.
Allura has the building blocks to go far - from Inch's obvious charisma to the band's tight combination and the genuine desire to create good material. I am excited at the prospect of witnessing this artistic process.
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