Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It was a truly enjoyable lunch time for me today (I usually don't have a 'proper' lunch - but that's another story) as I sauntered down to the Esplanade Concert Hall to be thoroughly entertained by Jack and Rai (backed on percussion by Vick - recommended drummer for the Groovy People - yeah, another story).
Now, I'm used to seeing Jack and Rai in more casual environments and the Concert Hall seemed a bit formal. Unusually so. Quite a good crowd turned up as the MC Vivien Tan kicked off proceedings nicely.
Jack and Rai performed 5 songs from EIC's upcoming album (entitled In Stores Now, in typical droll Jack and Rai fashion with release date of 28 Sep. Take note!) and whilst the 1st three were in their usual lanquid, easy rock style, I could not quite get into them - maybe first time listen but when the familiar Falalala Song came up, it was pure bliss.
The usual banter was evident between the dynamic duo, although it was clear that they were a little nervy. Not that I blame them, the venue is more suited for a classical music performance than acoustic rock. Still, Jack and Rai sure did deliver.
Especially when my fave Fiona closed the set and to these ears, it was the best version thus far although the bouncing noises were kept to a minimum. Out of reverence to the hallowed Hall?
And in a flash, it was over... I repeat... what a great lunch time treat. Till the new album, fellas!

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