Thursday, August 23, 2007


Despite my best efforts, it seems I am 'fated' to write about 881 here, which even as I write, has overtaken Rush Hour 3 as the #1 film in Singapore! Congrats definitely in order for Royston, Ric and all at Zhao Wei.
But earlier today, the missus and I went to Dragonfly to witness the official launch of the 881 OST and were treated to a loud and robust display of modern getai music.
And just enjoy the look on HYR's face on the far right... the man behind it all, pulling (and playing) the strings, I am so happy for him that the 881 OST has been such a resounding success, with its 1st 1000 print run selling out in 4 days...
With a backing band consisting of Clement on bass, Brandon on drums and HYR on guitar, the packed audience were thoroughly entertained as Jiahui, Ngak and various getai stars delivered the goods.
I lapped it all up even though most of the time the songs were in Mandarin or Hokkien and to be honest I felt like I was in another world.
I actually began dreaming about what it would be like if our beloved local indie scene could garner this kind of support and appreciation - it's not impossible, mind!
So again, congrats to all concerned for the success of both film and soundtrack!
Erm, HYR, where's my copy of the OST...?

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