Sunday, August 12, 2007


All right, a bit of a tangential post this one as it is not entirely music-related but I just had to say something about this email I got from Shaun Koh. Now, Shauh is a young film maker (another old ACSian, I might add) who I met during the making of Be With Me (right Shaun?) and he has submitted a couple of short films for the South West CDC's film competition "YourFilm.SG". You can take a look at the films -


A Romantic Mystery

... and if you liked what you saw, then vote for Shaun accordingly.

Personally, I liked A Romantic Mystery, great visuals, refreshing and surreal with an underlying message as well (I think...) Pirate(d) was not as good.

Remember to tell Shaun I sent you.

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Shaun said...

Hey Kevin!

Didn't know you had a blog! Thanks for your kind words, and even more thanks for your shameless plugging!

Hows the music coming along?