Saturday, August 11, 2007


Singing is a lost art in the Singapore indie scene.
"Attitude" is abundant it seems - wearing the right clothes, looking cool on stage, learning the right moves, utililzing the finest pedals...but singing, well, forget that!
I getting a little impatient with Singapore indie bands who don't seem to have singers who give a shit about the way they sing, and expect the audience to appreciate their music when the vocals just don't give you a chance to.
I don't wanna name names cos I don't wanna destroy anyone's confidence or self-esteem but suffice to say that out of the six acts on show at the Open Stage @ Scape today, half of them should really either persuade their vocalists to improve their skills or maybe start thinking of recruiting better singers altogether!
On the postive side, I saw Indus Gendi again and am really beginning to become a bit of a fan. Esther is a good frontperson if only she'll get in front! It's a little odd for your vocalist to be standing on the side (and behind a keyboard!). Sure, the rest of the band is important but the fact of performance is that the audience will look (and listen) to the singer first and Esther has a few obvious features going for her that the band should maximize.
Much, much tighter this time, Indus Gendi, you could say, look up to B-Quartet in the jazz-alt.rock hybrid that the B-boys pull off with aplomb. Except that Indus Gendi is that much more sweeter somehow, presumably, having a female singer produces that effect. That said, Arep, Adam, James and Bonk are getting very adept in delivering concise blocks of sonic intricacies.
Then and Now is the highlight again, a real keeper. I could listen to James' guitar solo all day!Much potential here...
As some of you would know, the meat of Open Stage @ Scape is the talk cock session with HYR and the Funkie Monkies folk. HYR was in top form today as he recounted the experiences behind the making of the 881 movie soundtrack. All very interesting stuff...
Best part of course was Jia Hui and Ngak performing songs off the movie soundtrack album - in stores now - and proving my adage about vocal quality. The difference between professionalism and amateurism I guess - both of them are just so good at what they do. Our young indie rock singers have so much to learn and so far to go. Which is fine as long as they are willing to do so...
Sorry for the mini-rant but listen to any of the foreign bands that come over here and you can be guaranteed that the vocalists will not be flat, off key, straining and so know I'm right.
...but there's more...

Oh and it's was great catching up with the usual suspects viz. Beni, Edward, Jack & Rai and good to meet James (S.O.F.T.) and Dex.

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Indus said...

Hey Kevin,
Thanks a lot for your nice words. I'm gonna take note of your advice and pull my keyboard closer to the stage in future! >.<