Friday, August 10, 2007


Some of you may have wondered where this repeating motif of mine originates from. It actually comes from the opening track of one of my all-time favourite albums viz. Todd Rundgren's
A Wizard, A True Star...

Released in 1973, the song is International Feel and the lyrics are as follows -

Here we are again, the start of the end, but there's More
I only want to see if you'll give up on me
But there's always More
There is More, International Feel
And there's More, Interplanetary Deals
But there's More, Interstellar Appeal
Still there's More, Universal Ideal
Still there's More, International Feel
I swear something lies in your ears and your eyes
'Cause there's More
You hear and you see yet you do not believe
That there's always More
(I know)

Basically, it's all about being positive about the future and never giving up because, as Todd sings ... still there's more...

In any case, here's a performance of International Feel from 1994, I think... the man is a genius even in a skirt... hahaha

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