Monday, August 27, 2007


The missus has never been to a live concert on the bay so I figured that Rosli Mansor and band at the Powerhouse stage would be a fine introduction.
I first witnessed Mansor's fret wizardry at Deafcon IV so I knew that skilful guitar work would be on display.
I went also to support Adam Shah who was playing drums (and did a great job, I might add).
And it was a good set though I could not name you most of the songs and Mansoor tends to stand like Noel Gallagher (i.e. motionless) whilst playing like Joe Satriani.
Two songs I recognized were Rescuing Rukia with its Santana-esque melody line and the George Harrison-penned Beatles classic While My Guitar Gently Weeps, which were dispatched with aplomb.
Many of Mansor's fans greeted his every move with loud cheers and enthusiastic applause - this Yamaha guitar teacher certainly has a following here and no surprise when you consider Mansor's abilities.
Which proves again my belief that there are indeed many talents on our little red dot. Getting that through to the masses is the real challenge.
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