Sunday, September 30, 2007


It's been six months since I was in New York for the Singapore Day event, playing with top notch local musicians and being fired up to get involved in the Singapore music scene once again, both as performer and as observor.

Since then, it has been a tremendous time - making new (great) friends, receiving encouraging responses from young crowds and just feeling good about the life decision that I made in April.

Last night at the Arts House, a rather packed Earshot witnessed the debut of Kevin Mathews and the Groovy People and it was an absolute blast!

It has been a blessed experience playing with Benita and Adam. Adam is going to be a top musician and even at 20 years old, has the potential to be one of the best drummers in Singapore. He picked up the songs at the first jam and actually added his own touch to the decade-old material and made it all so exciting for me. Benita has been providing the important link between Adam and me, with her keyboard and backing vocal work. Not having our own keyboard, we had to borrow one from the Karl Maka (thanks, Ken and Jonathan!!!) and it was literally the first time she was playing the keyboard at the gig itself and she did well to adapt. You see, during our jams, she would play piano but now she had to play organ but, barring a few hiccups, managed perfectly. Thanks, Beni, you're a Godsend...

Set list time -
Never Liked the Beatles



I Love Singapore

My One & Only

The gig itself was pure fun. I could see that the audience was getting into the songs - singing along, smiling, bobbing heads and showing appreciation - wow, applause is such a rush! And it all went by so quickly and smoothly - in a flash.

At the end, it felt so good - not only because of the compliments and positive feedback, but because I feel confident that there will be greater things in store for the Groovy People.

I must apologize to the other bands viz. The Karl Maka, Uberskank, V and Super Illegals, that with all that was going on, I never had the opportunity to sit down and properly review the gig but by all accounts you all rocked!

I just wanna thank Ben Harrison and Natalie Tan for having us, Inch and Bonk for good company, Fahmy and Modjo for making an appearance and for those who missed us, this is only the beginning, I promise ...

... still there's more ...

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freakyfir said...

if only i was there. gah! next time kevin, i promise :)