Monday, September 03, 2007


Quite a lot of people accuse me of exaggeration on this blog.Well, all right, maybe two persons have commented that I can be a little loose with the hyperbole.I have described the Great Spy Experiment as the most important band in Singapore right now. Let me go further by declaring that Flower Show Riots, released (finally) today is the most important Singaporean album right now.Here’s why…The Singapore music scene has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year or so. Visit the “Gigs and Concerts” forum at and you will find a healthy number of events featuring local bands being discussed.In fact, glance through any of these events and the sheer number of local bands is mind-boggling. The enthusiasm of local fans is growing exponentially, to the extent that fans are making even paid gigs a success.But where do we go from here?The Great Spy Experiment has, in the last two years, done everything right. Written strong, melodic songs, presented these songs in high quality, performed regularly, aggressively marketed itself and even venturing into the USA with SXSW festival and Singapore Day events.Today is the acid test for both the band and the Singapore music scene.How well Flower Show Riots sells will be a barometer of the maturity of the local scene. I guess what I’m saying is that it’s time for local fans to put their money where their mouth is.So if you’re a fan of the band, run to the nearest music store and purchase your copy of Flower Show Riots! If you’re on the fence, run to the nearest music store and purchase your copy of Flower Show Riots!!I’m not kidding, boys and girls. This is your chance to show your support for the local scene and it starts with buying Flower Show Riots.Have I gone mad?Look at it this way, if an album like Flower Show Riots does not sell like hotcakes in Singapore, even when the Great Spy Experiment has done everything right, then what hope is there for the Singapore music scene?Look, if you love the local scene and want it to grow in the years to come, then we need to see local albums being bestsellers, local songs on heavy rotation on local radio, local bands headlining their own sellout gigs and so on… you get the picture.So, local music fan, the future of your beloved local scene is in your hands… use your power wisely, and ensure that … still there’s more…

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