Friday, September 21, 2007


Call it serendipity... call divine orchestration... whatever, but when I heard Jonathan announce that Elsa Faith was in the house, my heart leapt! You see, I had been corresponding with Elsa on regarding getting hold of the new CD of her US-based band, Soul Distraction. Well, she had mentioned that she would be in Singapore in September and there she was in Singapore Art Cafe tonight. So I went home with the new Soul Distraction CD in my possession. Amazing.
It was good night of live acoustic music at SAC although in the first hour, the place was really quiet. I did three fairly new songs viz. Keep the Faith (off the Be with Me soundtrack), Inside (intended for the Popland EP that has not been finished) and It's Heaven (hopefully to be included in my first solo album) and it was fun to give these songs a run-through, unrehearsed...
I was rather impressed with Shyam, who delivered a powerful rendition of Caroline, an original. Also with Cashvin (Face Off guitarist) who proved that he was much more than a mere pop-punk rocker with a pleasing original of his own.
With Aaron playing guitar, Inch was in her element and belted out Closure and Ladeda with the confidence and ease, you usually get from an Allura performance. Watching Aaron play acoustic guitar, I realized that he is a much better guitarist than often given credit. You rock, man!
Aries closed the evening with a charming version of a Simple Plan song and that was that!
A honorable mention to Dom and Elias who sang a couple of modern rock covers competently and passionately. Any originals to throw our way, boys?
Till next week...


Elsa Faith-Carroll said...

That's really awesome! It was a pleasant surprise to bump into you last night! All in all it was fun. It's just too bad that we missed your performance! Anyways, hope you will enjoy our CD!

Rocking faithfully,
Elsa Faith & Marty Mitchell
Soul Distraction

Kevin Mathews said...

Thanks for the CD.
Soul Distraction sure knows how to rock 'n'roll!
Keep the faith!