Friday, September 21, 2007


It was a rather full Thursday for me yesterday. After a day's work, I took the train to Aljunied and met up with Benita and Adam for dinner (Indian food - mutton murtabak!) Once satisfied, we proceeded to the jam studio and knocked out the songs we'd be playing next Saturday at Earshot, Arts House. (Yes, my roundabout way of announcing this gig!)
By the time we finished at 9pm, I was quite knackered but I guess it was a good warm up for Re-discovering Pink Floyd.

Got to Home Club at 9.30pm and met Razi and Bang, then Fandy and FreakyFir. Apparently, it was still too early for the gig and so we had some drinks and watched a DVD of the Floyd live at Earls Court in 1994.

Then surprise, as Josh, Jonathan, Iain (of the Fire Fight) turned up with Jon Chan (Plain Sunset) and it was really encouraging to see them.

Deputy Siren went on first and I must say that I enjoyed their short set. Good tunes, they're a fairly popular band and you can see why. A month or so ago, I wrote that I was not too impressed with their Baybeats performance and was especially with singer May's vocals. Well, last night, I'm pleased to report that the one month has made all the difference. Although pitchy in places, overall May did very well and I believe that with more time together, Deputy Siren with their melodic songs and dynamic image should win over quite a few people in Singapore. Keep up the good work!
Bang was up next and he played one Pink Floyd song - Hey You - nervously but provided humor when he screwed up. A confident performer! Bang has some good songs as well, including one McCartneyesque number called Letters and Poems, which I really liked. He's quite handy with the acoustic guitar as well, not something you'd expect from the drummer of Ronin, but there you go...
It was past 11pm when I went to play. Without a music stand, I struggled somewhat with the three Pink Floyd covers and was so relieved when I could finally play my own stuff. The songs went down well, which again is pretty amazing for me - Benita leading the backing vocals for Beatles and everyone joining in at the end for Gum. Really fun and it left me with a buzzy feeling when I finished. Nothing quite matches that...

Anyways, setlist was -


Arnold Layne

See Emily Play

Never Liked the Beatles

I Love Singapore


Thanks to everyone who turned up... till the next one.

... and there's more ...

Pix by Benita.

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