Saturday, September 08, 2007


A super-packed gig weekend began last night at the National Museum. Yeah, you read that right, the National Museum, with Homemade ’07, celebrating Singaporean creativity. Or something like that…
Man, I really missed watching the Great Spy Experiment perform – I believe it’s been more than a month (!). The band was in high spirits, probably relieved that its brilliant debut album was finally in the stores.
(And if you haven’t picked it up yet – please do, you will not regret it!)
After getting the usual warm up intro song out of the way, the band launched into A Kind of Love, a little tentatively, as Saiful was not getting a proper feed from his monitors and his vocal was slightly out of tune.
However, normal service was resumed with the cracking hat trick of Class ‘A’ Love Affair, Late Night Request and Siti in the City before the brief set was over! Just when the jet plane was taking off too… the power, the glory and the sweat… a great set!
Bushmen followed and delivered a tight reggae selection, whilst competent enough, did not do much for me. I don’t why but reggae seems so time locked into the 80s now that unless it’s mixed around inventively with other styles and genres, its is going to sound dated.
At about 10pm, Stoned Revivals took to the stage – all ten of them! Good on them! It seems that the nucleus of the band viz. Ezam and Syed Ahmad basically surround themselves with musicians for live gigs so there was a drummer, a bassist, a percussionist, a violinist, a flutist, a sax player and a trumpet player…
Not only that but when the set started, there was even a mime artist and another guitarist who joined in – their jam sessions must be interesting!
Ambition – you got to admire that.
I must confess that I could never quite get into Stoned Revivals in the past – other than Teenage Queen and of course, Goodil – sometimes too much funk can be a bad thing… but as they ran through the songs (including Loose Boogie, New Way, Papa, Eve of Destruction etc), I began to appreciate their campy hybrid of disco, soul, indie and yes, even funk.
To be honest the extra musicians looked bored except when it was their turn to play but it was a fascinating sight nonetheless.Inspiring as I consider expanding the Groovy People to fifteen (!) people, so it was a learning experience too… now for today, Open Stage, the Great Spy Experiment (again – YAY!) and then perhaps back to Homemade ’07 to catch Adam and James backing Maia Lee… see you around!

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Naomi. said...

haha surprise surprise,
stoned revivals have actually never jammed together.
the vocalist esam, only arrived on the day itself and went back on the next. im glad you enjoyed yourslef!