Saturday, September 01, 2007


Been awhile since I last posted cos it had been an awfully hectic work week.
So it was nice to be able to unwind and relax last night at Singapore Art Cafe for the second week in a row.
Highlight for me was Farid Long and friends (including Mani, Mark Magendran & Faz) who belted out choice covers and one original (yay!) which had a killer bridge. Farid is a real trooper and like me, you could call him a veteran of the local scene, having provided us with classic Singaporean tunes like Love You Aida and The 5 Cs. Good stuff (cannot bluff)!
I did a brief three song set - Here/Beautiful/My One & Only - and felt that my vocals came across much much stronger. Not forgetting Jonathan's fine keyboard accompliment, I think Jon's really getting the hang of my songs. So cool!
As usual, the rest of the night was left to the usual earnestly performed covers and the rare treat of Inch playing guitar!
Also, met this gentlement by the name of Henry Loo who runs a site called Songs I Write which allows songwriters to showcase their songs and to get comments and feedback from site visitors. Interesting... please check it out. Henry himself sang two Beatles covers and one original last night called Loneliness, which had some intriguing personal lyrics.
A fabulous respite from the torrid week that was...
... and thanks to baby girl for the beautiful, wonderful company as always...

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