Thursday, September 13, 2007


You and Whose Army? (YaWA) is the name of a young Singapore band. It's also the name of a Radiohead song. Well, of course Radiohead was also the name of a Talking Heads song... but I digress.

On Monday, the guys (and gal) were kind enough to invite me to one of their jamming sessions where they were working on a new song. (A short clip above).

Though, the Radiohead references are obvious, I'm beginning to sense a bent towards jazzed-up psychedelic space rock ala Pink Floyd in the YaWA method. I like!

And this is certainly the case with new demo (fresh from the oven!) of Ordinary is King which displays all the qualities that I truly dig about YaWA. Intriguing songwriting and tight musicianship - not to mention the skills of one of the best young guitarists in the country!

Oh, YaWA consists of Adam (bass), Benita (drums), Bonk (guitars/vocals) and James (lead guitar) and you can find Ordinary is King at

Do check YaWA out when they next play and hopefully that will be very soon...

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