Thursday, September 06, 2007


The Speak Good English Campaign 2007 is reaching out to the youth with the concept that good English is an asset when being creative, as in songwriting or performing. To that end, several local indie bands are being showcased at Timbre on a Wednesday night and last night, it was Allura's turn.
Now, there's not much of a crowd at Timbre at 7.30pm on a Wednesday night but even to those who were there, local indie music is not exactly their cup of tea. Top 40 radio covers being more up their alley.
So, Allura being the restless musicians that they are, decided to experiment a little with song structures and arrangements, which I suppose in hindsight, the Timbre crowd is not the right audience to try out these creative ideas. But you've got to credit Allura for giving it a shot.
The band started out with a revamped Closure, which I did not like, to be honest and the first set seemed to be somewhat dampened by that decision. Though, ironically enough, things picked up when Allura did U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday.
A cover also opened the 2nd set with Foo Fighters' My Hero and the increased energy levels and perhaps having sufficiently warmed up, Allura gave sterling performances of (the proper) Closure, Limbo and of course, La De Da. Inch's voice was noticeably getting softer (she was suffering from a sore throat) but still gave a good account of herself.
A different, more challenging audience, then say the (moshing) kids at Baybeats but these are the people you need to convince and convert if mainstream success is on the agenda. I believe it was a good experience for the band, with more certainly to come...
.... Sangwich? Still a work in progress I believe, an arena-sized rock song which time is still to come...
... Closure, for now, is the real deal...

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