Monday, October 01, 2007


Why support local bands? Simply put, because they’re our bands. Not Japanese, not American, not British, OUR bands.
Now, it must have been cool to have been at the Cavern in the early sixties to watch the Beatles when they were just a “local” band to the kids in Liverpool. Did any of those kids ever imagine the huge impact that the Beatles were going to have in the years following? Unlikely. And at that point in time, it didn’t matter; the Beatles were their band. One of their very own.
I keep reading and hearing about why and how Singaporeans will not support local bands. Do Singaporeans prefer foreign because it’s perceived to be better or because of the more recognizable brand name? Fine in itself but imagine what a thriving local music scene would mean to us, as Singaporeans.
Imagine having our very own Beatles or Led Zeppelin or Police or Oasis or Coldplay in our own back yards? Impossible? It’s up to us, really…
Last night, the Fire Fight gave me enough reason to believe that with the right support, the boys could really set the music scene ablaze, not only in Singapore but in the region
as well.
The mostly teenage crowd at Home Club – sizable for a Sunday night – were thrilled by the familiar indie anthems, awestruck by the passionate musicianship (the rhythm section of Jbarks and Iain was out of this world!) and touched by Josh’s ability to connect with his audience.
Closing up the exhilarating set with the popular Train Song, Josh and Jon put down their guitars and leapt into the crowd, to dance with the fans – no grander statement of the unity between band and audience. It felt like a symbiotic relationship – giving and taking – that left all witnesses breathless at the end.
This is what music is all about – touching hearts and moving feet – and right in your hometown. No need to wait for the next big foreign act to fly in or to make that expensive trip to LA or London.
The music's out there right where you want it - whether it's the Great Spy Experiment at the Prince of Wales on Friday, 5th Oct or Allura at the Esplanade on Saturday, 6th Oct - what you get out of the Singapore music scene is as much as you're willing to put into it...
... and there's more ...

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