Monday, October 22, 2007


What else can I say about Allura without it sounding like the ravings of a totally unhinged lunatic? Everything that Inch, Mark, Han Quan, Matt and Aaron does, seems to turn to gold.
As faithful readers probably know by now, I rate Allura highly – and, together with the Fire Fight – I believe are amongst the best young Singaporean bands around.
The acoustic setting is always the best test for tunes and arrangements, not to mention vocal performance. This night was the debut of Allura in acoustic mode and even though I've probably been watching Allura more than most, proved to a revelation!
The songs were stripped down and built up. Opening with Pheromones with just Inch and Mark, the song was intimate, and without loud electric noise to compete with, Inch could whisper huskily and hit those high falshetto notes beautifully. Aaron joined in on Closure, and though the twin guitars did clash rhythmically at first, the boys worked out the kinks and settled into a hypnotic groove that gave this ode to breakup resolution superb resonance.
Matt and Han Quan completed the line-up as the band delivered jazzy overtoned versions of Liberty With Wings and Limbo. By the time, Ladeda arrived the band was in full flight with Mark chipping in on backing vocals, an absolute bonus. Saving the best for last, Gamajazillion literally shone in the quiet setting, it's uncommon choral hook stretching out its wings and soaring - what a fabulous song, the best from this wonderous young band yet! Good news is that these songs are being recorded now and I urge all of you out there in S-Rock land, do whatever you can to support Allura - buy their merchandise, come to the shows and perhaps then you can say that you played your little part in bringing Allura to the world...
I must say a few words about Stentorian. These guys look and sound the part of a commercial rock band. A little bit too funky for my tastes but with the right radioplay, Stentorian could make some waves...
... and there's more...

(*Not sung to the tune of Karma Chameleon)

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