Thursday, October 11, 2007


... to realize that your music has touched lives, even in a small way. Makes the effort all worthwhile. Here's an email I received recently from Alvin Tan...

Dear Mr Mathews.

Greetings. I chanced upon your blog searching for the one thing you were most famous for. In case you have a list of noteworthy accomplishments the length of your arm, that one thing, specifically, is the song you released under the moniker Watchmen - "My one and only".

Of course, that was all I knew about you and your song, prior to reading your post detailing its origins. I have to say: as an implement of romance, this song certainly takes the cake. And, when it debuted on radio, was positively pleasing. Just the song to labouriously practice on my guitar and eventually to croon outside a moonlit veranda. However, since I was bereft of both musical talent and besotted female, I had to settle for making tape recordings and singing along in my bathroom.

Anyway. Those cassettes are long gone. I'm not sure if your kind offer to let people rekindle old memories still stands, but it would be really nice if you could send me your very famous song (yes, the one mauled by various actors over the years. OK, at least one version wasn't too bad - no, I'm not referring to Sharon Au's). I'm aware of the terms you set out; unfortunately, I'm no music critic - my opinions on music are binary ( i.e. like, don't like) - but I will try to write something nice on your blog. Failing which, I will gladly buy you a beer in exchange.

Regardless, thank you for those 4 minutes of aural pleasure. You made my secondary school days that much more pleasant.

Thanks so much, Alvin, you really made my day...

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Saiful said...

Now THIS.. This is what it's all about. :)

Well done, Mr Matthews! Truly deserved..