Sunday, November 18, 2007


Performing at the Peace Concert for Burma today seemed like a token effort in support of the Burmese people being oppressed by the military junta. Personally, it was yet another rewarding experience as I lapped up the appreciation of the crowd.
I began the set with Lament, a song from 1992's This Savage Garden cassette album which I was playing live for the first time. Sad thing is that fifteen years later, the lyrics remain relevant. Perhaps that was why I was pretty nervous at the beginning and my voice was wavering but I soon got over the nerves and began enjoying myself.
Maybe, it had something to do with the live debut of the Gibson Dove acoutisc guitar that the kind folk at Gibson Guitars had loaned to me. (Thanks, Pat!)
Whatever, at the end, I was feeling really good about the gig and it went down well.
Set list -
Imagine (John Lennon)
I Love Singapore
Thanks to Terence for the invitation and to Ivan and Sun for coming down.
(Photograph courtesy of Sun Koh)

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Joe90 said...

Hi, Kevin, thanks for the namecheck! No disrespect to all the other performers that day, but yours was the only set that really moved and made a lasting impression on me. I was especially blown away by your passionate rendition of the hard-htiing Lament and your inspired segueing of Gum with Give Peace A Chance. Would love to see more of you in performance.