Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last two months have been tough at work. Not that it's that much better now but enough to have some breathing space. But I thank God for the "hard times" cos I had no choice but to rely on Him rather than on my own strength.
In the meantime, things are "hotting up" music-wise for me. Thus, I'll probably be setting aside reviewing local gigs at least till the end of the year while I concentrate on my music solo and with the Groovy People. Meaning: Will be missing Lime Sonic Bang (unless someone can convince me otherwise...)
Tonight, I am jamming with the Great Spy Experiment (!) in preparation for Zoukout (!) and I am so looking forward to that. It'll be an absolute blast!
Tomorrow's Rolling Stones tribute has been postponed (maybe to 29 Nov) and might give me a chance to get the Groovy People involved as well... will see how it goes.
On Saturday night, will be rehearsing with the Groovy People (including James!) to get ourselves ready for the December gigs and on Sunday afternoon (pending the public entertainment license) will be performing at the Peace Concert for Burma at the Substation.
And... with the many film music projects in the near future... it's gonna be a very interesting end to 2007.
I thank God for His faithfulness. For being with me... through it all.

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