Saturday, December 29, 2007


Almost over.
A memorable year, by all accounts.
If you've been following this blog since its inception, then you'll know what I'm talkin' about.

What I will fondly remember about 2007 -

Playing in Central Park for Singapore Day - good vibes, cool people, crackin' band.

(Thanks again, Ric!)

Baybeats - Performances from The Fire Fight, Allura, Reza Salleh, City on Film, Plain Sunset, B Quartet, King Kong Jane, Giants Must Fall...

Zoukout - Playing with GSE, Pinholes & Ngak at 4am on Siloso Beach - will never forget those happy faces :)

Rock the Sub - Pinholes & B Quartet tearing up the Guiness Theatre.

Home Club - Josh and Jon running around on the dancefloor, You and Whose Army? quietly stealing my heart, Bittersweet britpopping the nite away and GSE at close quarters with a body surfer to boot.

HYR, Ngak, Jack & Rai - hilarious times at the Youth Center.

On a personal note, jump-starting my solo 'career', putting the Groovy People (thanks Adam, Beni & James - love you all!) together - that 1st gig at Earshot was magical.

However, hands down, my favorite thing about 2007 is/was THE GREAT SPY EXPERIMENT. Certainly the band of the year with Flower Show Riots easily the album of the year. Five talented & committed people - Saiful, Fandy, Song, Mag & Khai - who deserve every single word of praise that has been given to them. I thank God for each one of them - they filled my 2007 with many many highlights - from Dragonfly to Central Park, from Singapore National Museum to Raffles Place, from Timbre to Stage @ Powerhouse... and so on... THANK YOU, GSE!!!!

Honorable mentions - Pat, Ben, Razi, James, Bonk, FreakyFir, Audie, Natalie, Jade, Ivan, Sun, Raja, Brian, Esther, Michael, Fong Cheng, Gary, Mike, Rozz, Joan, Kewei, Aidil, Zack, Wayne, Bang, Jonathan and to every else who enriched my soul in 2007...

... and there's more ...


Anonymous said...

hi kevin, i've been reading your blog ever since getting to know you through baybeats.

just wanna say that i really appreciate you documenting the local gigs that you've attended. i've learnt a greal deal from reading your entries!

enjoy the rest of 07, and have a rockin' 2008!

king kong jane

fictionaire said...

Happy new year, Kevin!!

And thanks for your very kind words. You have no idea what it means to us having a legend like yourself show us the love you have.

Here's to a great 2008, and do send my best wishes to the family.

Much love,