Saturday, December 08, 2007


Having been AWOL from the local gig circuit for a while, I was looking forward to catching Indus Gendi at the Youth Centre last evening. But alas, I was confused about the time (I thought it was half and hour later) and when I arrived, the band was into its last song.
What to do?
Anyways, I hung around with the band as we watched Muddy Banks (as that Nirvana live album - geddit?), a bunch of severe Nirvana wannabes. I presume they are a fairly new band and so they can be forgiven for the abject derivative nature of their music. Performance-wise, it could do with more polish but they've certainly got all the grunge rock poses right. Yikes, I can't believe I'm still using the word "grunge" in 2007.
After consuming a so-so plate of lamb chops, we headed over to the Heeren where the Noise Singapore 2007 showcase got underway. The two bands that were playing I've heard before and in order to be kind, I will not comment on what I thought of their performances. Suffice to say that I believe that bands should have something special to say if they wanna get up on that stage. And they sure don't. Yeah, I'm crazy that way...
Adam, Bonk, James and I tried to make sense of the entire proceedings as MPs and other VIPs made their obligatory appearances although I'll bet they didn't have an inkling of what was going on. Embarrassing.
Yes, what I am saying is that as well-intentioned Noise Singapore is - and it is - it is merely a token effort to support the more "commercial" arts in Singapore. With all the money that is available, the NAC and others can do much more for local music. But that is the subject of a different rant...
Saw Colin (King Kong Jane) and Pat there too.
See you at Zoukout, 4am...

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