Monday, December 10, 2007


Sunday had started well enough at 4am with that GSE gig at ZoukOut but with the onset of heavy weather and an unfortunate accident - I slipped at the entrance of my condo and fell unceremoniously on my arse - I was having my doubts.
So when the Groovy People (Adam, Benita & James) and I arrived at the Hacienda for the charity gig, our spirits were certainly dampened by the torrential rain. But in my heart, I chose to ignore the circumstances and had faith that the LORD had a purpose for our being there.
As it was, we took to the stage an hour later than scheduled and so delivered a truncated set - My One & Only, Beautiful & Gum. Minor hiccups with the 1st two songs but I could tell that, especially with Gum, we went down well with the predominantly caucasion audience.
But kudos to the Groovy People, who put in a short & sharp performance - tight & edgy - it went so natural and so right. Being in front and in control - so to speak - was an entirely different experience from playing with GSE.
Don't get me wrong. As much as that thrilled me, there is nothing quite like hearing your songs coming together into a thing of beauty!
If anyone reading this was at Hacienda yesterday evening, I want to apologize for the brevity of our set and promise two 45 minute sets this Saturday at the Esplanade, Stage @ Powerhouse if you want more of the Groovy People...
Thanks so much to Shazz, Matt and Miles - really hope that we can work together again!

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