Sunday, December 16, 2007


A week of firsts came to an end last night at the Stage @ Powerhouse, as the Groovy People and I performed for the first time at the Esplanade.
According to schedule, we were to sound check at 5pm but due to the heavy downpour, everything was delayed and we only managed to have a soundcheck almost just before our actual first set!
Alright then.
So by the time I took the stage to sing my three songs solo, there were many empty seats - blame the weather - and that fact may have affected our performance a tad.

Set List
Keep the Faith
Feel the Same Way
Silent Night
Calypso Carol
Have yourself a Groovy little Christmas
Never Liked the Beatles
We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Once we cracked into Groovy little Christmas, I believe we hit our stride although Beatles was a bit too punk.

The second set was an entirely different proposition. Slightly more bums on seats and a more relaxed stage atmosphere conributed to a tighter performance - go figure!

Set List
To Love Somebody
Orchard Road
The High Cost of Living
Silent Night
Calypso Carol
Have Yourself a Groovy little Christmas
I Love Singapore
My One & Only
We Wish You A Merry Christmas

The crowd response to Gum was phenomenal and James' guitar solo was positively blistering. Adam did something different with My One & Only which really clicked - very impressive!

Overall though, I did feel that the sound lacked a textural quality that perhaps the keyboards and a bass would provide. Hmmm.

So, t'was a groovy night indeed. Thanks to Adam, James, Pat, Flint, Lu, Keith and the excellent Esplanade staff for making it all happen. Also, thanks to Angela, Jade, Barnabas and all of James' friends for kind support.

Oh yeah, earlier in the day, I made a cameo appearance in Eric Khoo's next movie. Not going to say much but what I witnessed was pretty amazing. A film to look out for in 2008.

...and there's more...

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