Saturday, December 08, 2007


I still remember the day. I was at home and my Dad rushed out of the kitchen (yes, my Dad cooks) to tell me that he'd just heard on the radio that John Lennon had been shot dead! I could not accept it but sadly, it was all too true.
Twenty-seven years on, it is still a senseless death and sometimes I try to imagine what things would have been like if he was still alive...
Yes, 8th December is his death anniversary and I understand that there are two movies coming out about his murder which proves that almost thirty years, it is still a tragedy that will never be forgotten.
Lennon will always be my first musical hero - he taught me that you could write songs about everything and anything. I try to emulate his genius everytime I strap on a guitar and sit at a piano. I hope my music honours his memory in some way...

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