Saturday, December 29, 2007


In the context of the Singapore rock scene (to include the term "indie" would make it an oxymoron!), any band that lasts longer than five years may be described as "veterans" of the scene. So it is with Vertical Rush. The band indulges itself with hearfelt, emotionally intense alt-rock, which aims to encapsulate the myriad experiences of the human conditions. Well, that and drummer Daren's onstage antics - which to these eyes recall the legendary Keith Moon! Trust me, you will enjoy this little Q&A...

What do you consider to be the high points of 2007 for VR?
Ironically, The high point of 2007 is when we all got to do nothing at all. We've been so busy with all these life changes that having nothing to do, is truly something.

How did VR musically progress in 2007?

We moved from sounding polished and heading towards something more raw.

What does VR hope to achieve in 2008?

To finish the damn album (recording since 2004) do more shows and hopefully release another because we've been very inspired of late. haha

Name three local bands that impressed you in 2007.

The Fire Fight, B Quartet, Giants Must Fall & an honorable mention to Winterhalter.

What can fans expect from VR at Stasis 10?

They can expect a good show! And hopefully some wild stage antics by Nick.

Heh! More from VR at Stasis 10. Be there!


kangcore / milkmesto said...

secret confession from VR's marcus:

10 years ago, I covered "I Love Singapore" by the crowd at my school's national day concert.

I don't regret it ;)

Kevin Mathews said...

wow, that is so cool.
thanks, man!