Thursday, December 20, 2007


Emo pop meets math rock in Marchtwelve's strident perspective on modern "indie" rock. Between Dewi Marie Vincoy's sweet yet sinewy vocals and Joseph Cinco's versatile guitar work, there is enough space to explore the possibilities beyond the obvious reference points of this Singapore-based band.
Dear You is the standout track in this 4-song EP, as it weaves through incongruant chord changes with surprisingly delightful results. The synth lines assist to meld the transitions well and as usual, Dewi Marie's dreamy voice carries the listener on a joyous journey.

The rest of Not Just A Date is worth investigation - the emo-psychedelia of Sequence: Repeat, the driving heat-seeking Night Before the Bonfire and the military drilling The Last Letter.
All told, a mature accomplishment from one of the more interesting groups in South East Asia.
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