Monday, December 24, 2007


Don't let the name fool you. The sound that emanates from the collective effort that is Amateur Takes Control (ATC) is any but amateurish. In fact, the intricate and delicate instrumentals that the band has dedicated itself to, would not be left in the shadow even by the leading lights of its chosen genre. The band name checks the likes of Mogwai, Pele, Unwed Sailor, Gloria Record, Explosions in the Sky et al, and it does an excellent job in conveying mood and tone in its spider-web lattices of ambience and guitar noise.

ATC's Adel was on hand to answer some queries -

What did ATC achieve in 2007?

In 2007, ATC achieved many things. We've played numerous shows in the nation such as The Arts House, Home Club, *scape at Youth Park and also the Esplanade. We also self released a 7 track EP in August 2007. Recently, we also went to Kuala Lumpur for a short two-show tour and played alongside Malaysia's biggest experimental/instrumental acts such as KLPHQ, Telephony Delivery and Citizens Of Ice Cream.

What is the high point of 2007 for ATC?

For us there would be 2 highest points - Our EP launch with The Lovesong (HK) and Tookoo (China) at Home Club because we felt like we've closed a huge chapter in our lives as a band. Secondly it would be the KL tour because we made so many new friends and got closer as a band.

What are ATC's goals for 2008?

ATC's goal would definitely to make people take a hard listen at us and to make more people cry. :)

What can fans expect from ATC at Stasis 10?

New listeners should expect something emotional and hard coming from us because we've moved on from the nice sweet sounding instrumental band that everybody think we are. Ultimately, they should just expect real music more than anything else.

What do you hope to see in the local scene in 2008?

My friends and hope to see foreign bands covering Singapore music. That's how it should be rolling!

Experimental instrumental indie rock may not be as immediate as your drivin' alt-rock but closer inspection has its own payoffs. Find out more at Stasis 10.

More about ATC here.

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