Monday, December 31, 2007


Melody junkies will be drawn exorably to the irresistible toons & the cool classic pop vibe of PeepShow. Sprinkle liberally edgy modern alt-rock sensibilities and you will be hooked! I must confess I've not watched the band live but if the vibrant, heartfelt songs on their myspace is any indication... then, hold on tight, baby!

OK, here's the interview...

What was it like to be PeepShow in 2007?

Well, for PeepShow, 2007 was a year of growing and developing into a better band than we were previously. With our previous bassist leaving us at the end of 2006, we found ourselves lacking as we played as a 4-man band in the 1st quarter of 2007. With the addition of Samuel, we found a new resolve to play harder and better than before.

Peepshow's favourite moments of 2007

PeepShow recently played at Esplanade for New Year's Eve, and that show was great. All that we've learned and practiced throughout the year came to fruition and PeepShow gave their best show to a packed audience.

What's in store for PeepShow in 2008?

PeepShow has begun recording their originals for their EP which will be launched in April 2008. We've been selected to audition for Baybeats 2008, and hopefully you'll see us performing at Baybeats 2008 with all the other local bands. We're also looking into adding a new member to the band - a keyboardist. Don't worry, you'll be seeing him play alongside us in Stasis 10. And, of course, we'll be working harder to make better music and put up a better performance for the whole of 2008.

Who are your favorite Singaporean/Malaysian bands?

We've got a lot of favourites, so it's going to be a long list: Electrico and EIC, upcoming bands like King Kong Jane and S.P.O.N.G.E., and Couple and Tragic Comedy.

What can fans expect from PeepShow at Stasis 10?

A really good show. PeepShow is excited to play for Stasis 10.

So. 5th Jan 08. Substation. Be there!

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jianping said...

Well I can certainly vouch that PeepShow is definitely arriving with a loud bang! having caught their performances on both 29th and 31st dec, i must say they were nothing short of being a fabulous band! with 6 very charismatic and talented musicians!

king kong jane